Stinkhorn Fungus (phallus Impudicus) with pumpkin and garlic powder 50:5050 capsules with garlic

Stinkhorn Fungus (phallus Impudicus) contain phytoestrogens, substances that substitutes hormones in our body

Stinkhorn Fungus (phallus Impudicus) with pumpkin and garlic powder 50:50

Used to treat - myoma, mastopathy, ovarian cysts.They can help with kidney, gastritis, stomach ulcers and also prostate inflammation .Prevents the development of malignancies and reduces the risk of postoperative edema.

The active ingredients per capsule are balanced and correspond to approx. one teaspoon of juice.

Even when dried , ground fat retains its properties by being dried at 45-50 degrees.

1 capsule contains:
Fungus Fungus (Phallus impudicus L.) Pers) Vegetable (egg stage) dried powder - 430mg (100%)
Excipients: gelatine capsule.

Daily dose: 1 capsule.
Method and dose: Swallow 1 capsule whole with a glass of warm water. Use once a day before meals or as directed by your doctor.
Restrictions on use: The product works without side effects, safe for long-term use. Recommended before breakfast or lunch.

Warning instructions:
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
Keep out of the reach and sight of children!
Do not use a dietary supplement as a wholesome and balanced diet replacement.

 Store in the original package in a dry, cool place at 0 ° C to + 20 ° C.